Makeup Tips For Mature Skin – Part 2

Laying the Correct Foundation

As time passes our complexion becomes patchy.

Choosing the correct foundation can work like magic helping you to look 10 years younger. The best foundation will always look undetectable giving a flawless coverage that is feather light and lasts all day.

Pro Tip – Always use a foundation brush, as blending is the key. Take a light approach to the application, test the tone in three areas including the jaw line and lower cheek area as well as down the neck. It has to look undetectable, light and dewy. Recommended Atelier Waterproof fluid foundation.

Get Your Glow Back by Highlighting

Highlighting the temples and cheeks is an amazing look. By creating luminous skin, your complexion will look radiant, dewy and younger.

Pro Tip – Best achieved with a very subtle fluid highlighter. Stay away from shimming glittery pigments; the idea is to catch the light and bring your cheekbones forward. Recommended Atelier Base Eclat moistening highlighter

Colour your Cheeks – With A Subtle Touch

Using a cream or a soft powder blush will also freshen and brighten the complexion whilst giving colour and softness to the cheeks. Peach and soft dusty pinks are flattering. Leave the bronzing heavy tones to the beach babes.

Pro Tip – Using a silk based loose powder lightly blended over the blush create a seamless application. Recommended Atelier Cream blush or single powder blush in Beige Rose or Rose brown.

Loose Powder

Choose a quality ultra-fine silk powder. The application needs to be light so the appearance of dry skin does not appear powdery.

Pro Tip – Select a tone that matches your foundation. Beware some translucent powders give a pale washed out effect. Recommended Atelier Loose Powder Honey or Natural.

Defining the Brows

A light feathering technique will define the brows, and make such a difference to frame the eyes.

ProTip – Have your brows groomed by a professional this will help create a good template to shape and maintain. Use a small angle brush to fill in the gaps creates definition. Be careful to choose a pencil or shadow that is the correct tone. Recommended Atelier Taupe C08 pencil for light hair and C07 for dark hair.

It’s All About the Eyes

Blending with quality brushes is the key to a seamless application.

Pro Tip – Choose matte shadows as fine lines will appear minimal. Working from the outside in, keeping the darker tone close to the lash line will create good definition. Curling eyelashes followed by a generous coat of a quality mascara can make your eyelashes appear longer.

There is no doubt the contrast of cool with a warm tone on the eyes will make the eyes pop. Blue eyes with warm browns. Brown eyes with greys and even a smoky blue can work. Green eyes look amazing with mulberry shadows.

Pro Tip – Take a lesson to learn how to work with your eye shape. Think about doing the eye makeup before foundation, this way you can erase any mistakes and remove any fall out of eyeshadow.

Lip Service

Lips can be the focal point to your makeup and can change your mood and your style. Pro Tip – Keep it modern and perfectly applied invest in a quality lip brush. How to you’re your lipstick on is the secret as us girls love to talk.

Pro Tip – Fill entire lip with a natural tone pencil enhancing the shape, finishing with a coat of cream matte lipstick or gloss.

Leave the shimmering frosted glosses to the teens. By wearing lipstick daily your lips will continue to be moist and protected however a good lip Balm can enhance.

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