Tips For Cleaning Your Personal Makeup Brushes

The everyday person needs to ensure their personal brushes are sanitised and kept clean to stop the spread of bacteria, let alone Covid-19. This also helps to ensure the longevity of good brushes.

First and foremost make sure your hands are clean and dry.

  1. Have on hand Antibacterial Soap. Alcohol based brush cleaner to remove the external layer of wax and oil found in makeup products like lipsticks.
  2. Non-porous pallet e.g.) small tile or stainless-steel pallet, rather than using your hand as a pallet.
  3. Sharpen pencils, and use alcohol swabs on pencils.
  4. Antibacterial wipes for all areas where you apply your personal makeup including the makeup mirror.

Wet Brushes

Used for Foundation/ Concealer/ Lipstick and glosses / Pencils / Cream highlighters / Cream blushes.


Wash brushes in antibacterial soap or alcohol-based brush cleaner, before and after each use. Dry with a clean paper towel lay flat.

Dry Brushes

Used for powders/compacts/ eyeshadows/ powder blushes/ shimmers.


Wash all dry brushes with soap and hot water every day, to remove powders and build-up of bacteria.


Sharing isn’t always caring. Avoid sharing makeup brushes.

Using brushes is crucial for those who prefer fingertip application, although brush cleaning takes time and a technique not everyone favours, good makeup hygiene is protecting you against the spread of infection.

Now admire how wonderful and flawless your application looks. Blending is the best.

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