How to Wing It!

Learn to use liner with confidence and precision, defining your eyes and playing up the shape whilst adding a hint of retro glamour.

There are many options. Pencil eyeliners can be smudged and blended across the eye lid for a smoky soft look, a perfect soft look for daytime makeup. The liquid eyeliners tend to create a more dramatic effect, defining eyes even more.

You can find liners in a jar as a gela cream cake or in a liquid wand. Black is a classic but you can also opt for softer tones in brown grey or even coloured shades.

Here’s How and What to Use

Before you begin, select a high-quality product together with a fine eyeliner brush.

Pro Tip: Working in good light with a close mirror will always be a good option. By resting your elbow will give you stability helping with the precision of the application.

Step One: Apply liner across the upper eyelid, firstly tapering the brush close to the inner corner.

Pro Tip: Clean up irregularities with a damp cotton tip for a clean application.

Step Two: To create the wing, draw a line up from outer corner of the eye up to 1cm.

Step Three: To finish the wing, fill in triangle. Apply your mascara to finish.

Love the simplicity of a winged liner matched with a flawless foundation, nude shimmer eyes and a retro red lip.

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