Beauty Tips for Brides

Congratulations on your engagement. Here are a few simple steps to take before your special day to ensure you look and feel your absolute best!

Skin Care

Treat yourself to facials well before your wedding day. Your very first facial one week prior to your wedding day may lead to break outs.

Skin Care Maintenance

It’s all about the skin looking beautiful first. Daily moisturising well before your big day is very important as your make up application will look 90% better on hydrated skin creating a radiant look.


Frame and enhance your face with perfectly groomed eyebrows. See your beauty therapist three days prior to have your eyebrows groomed.


A healthy glowing skin is desired by many brides BUT… if you are considering a spray tan a trial weeks before is always a good idea. There are various shades and tones on the market and you will need to speak to a professional to avoid that over tanned unattractive look on the day.

Hair and Make-Up Trial

Try to arrange your hair and make-up trial on the same day giving you a true picture of the overall look. Communication is imperative with your hair and make up artist so they can capture your special style. Be prepared. Pictures, bridesmaid fabric swatches and ideas of your theme are always a good idea to bring along with you.

The Wow Factor

For a glamorous look try a sweep of single eyelash extensions applied at the outer corners of the eyes – professionally applied of course. See our range of eyelashes for your day.

On the day

Ensure you have a touch up lipstick and powder. If you do not have your own, your make-up artist can supply them for you. You will need to apply every two hours or so.

Timing on the day

Hair and make-up should be finished half and hour prior to your photographer arriving. This will ensure you are stress free and relaxed and enjoying your beautiful day.