Part 1: Learning To Become A Good Makeup Artist

What you need to know..

The best advice is to learn from an industry professional that has loads of experience in the workplace and as an educator. Finding the correct school/teacher is about research. Look for a teacher that is a current working makeup artist. A professional that is up to speed with the latest trends and techniques, most importantly a tutor that specialised in the field of makeup design you love and choose to do. For example Special effects, Film, Airbrush, Body Art, Fantasy, Bridal Glamour Editorial

It is always a bonus to source a teacher that can be a good mentor appreciates your passion and enthusiasm and happy to give ongoing support and advise when needed.

Some questions to ask:

  • Do you receive a Certificate and assessment of our work?
  • Are there training notes provided?
  • Will you be using good recognised professional products in the class and what are they?
  • Do you need to purchase a kit and brushes to start? If so what is in the makeup kit?

The Creative Process.

Carefully select your makeup models to work with in your class. Be sure your model/person in the chair is the correct age for the lesson. Working with the same face more than once or each other will not enhance the experience and stretch your creative skills. Most friends/family love coming into the class for a few hours to sit for you, be mindful to explain whatever the brief is, and design of makeup this what you’ll be creating.

Experience all you can from your time in the class. Take notes, document ideas and styles, take loads of photos. Ask questions and be prepared to learn many techniques and styles with an open mind. Step out from your comfort zone, infusing your creative skills. Above all have fun and stay focused.

Remember even qualified makeup artist need to update their skills taking advanced classes to grow throughout their career. This being the “Fun Factor”

As a professional artist and teacher I am always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the makeup industry, please email or call 0409128721.