Makeup Tips For Mature Skin – Part 1

As time marches on, it is important to look and feel younger.

The “less is best” approach for your makeup is one to embrace. By updating your makeup, understanding what suits and how to wear is the key.

Pro Tip – Take a private lesson to learn the latest techniques.

Top priority first and foremost is to invest in your skin. Yes, it is the time to splurge on good products have the facial and get the advice. Beauty experts will advise moisturiser alone is not enough.

Tools Of The Trade

It’s so worth spending money on your personal makeup brushes. Let’s face it, we need to do our makeup without fuss, taking minimal time achieving the best application.

Pro Tip – Cheap makeup brushes can shed and leave hairs on your face. Having the right tools is best. A large brush kit is not needed, as this can be overwhelming.

Pro Tip – Must have brushes: Quality Foundation brush, Eyeshadow flat blender Angle brush, Eyeliner brush, Med size blush brush, Eyebrow comb, Powder brush, Lip brush.

Pro Tip – Cleaning your brushes regularly is essential. How to clean? Wash with simple pure soap rinse in warm water, towel drying and rest flat to dry. Professional brush cleaner is also available.

Preparation and Priming

Use a primer after moisturising and before foundation this will help your foundation glide over imperfections.

Pro Tip – For a sheer coverage primer can be mixed with the foundation recommended Atelier Fluid base primer. Lip balm used daily will keep the lips moist and crack free.

Concealer is a Must

For dark circles and slight discolouration around the eyes a fluid lightweight concealer is a must. This will also brighten the entire face and act as a great base for your eyeshadows.

Pro Tip – Choose carefully the correct tone. Recommended Atelier Concealer fluid wand.

Need more information? Please contact us or call 0409128721 for any advice or questions you may have. Stay tuned for Part 2 – Makeup Tips for Mature Skin.