How To Do A Failsafe Smokey Eye

The Brush

Use a medium-sized eyeshadow brush and gradually blend your darker colour in a small circular motion over the eyelid, working from the outside in. Concentrate on the mobile part of the eyelid up to the crease, and be careful not to take the product too high above the eye socket.

The Big Secret

Simply blend the eyeshadow through the bottom lashes, either using a smaller brush or even a cotton bud, to create a sultry effect.


Complete this look with a fine line of liquid liner or Kohl pencil along the top lashes and a sweep of mascara.. Easy!

Best Tip: Create your eye makeup first before foundation and don’t load your eyeshadow brush with too much product little at a time building up as you go.

By Meryll Faulkner – Principal/ Makeup Artist/ teacher.

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