Definition Of A Modern Bride

I think of the modern bride as someone who wants to incorporate her own personal style into her wedding day through her hair, and makeup, her dress and thought-out the ceremony.

Just like you would if you were working with a stylist on a fashion job, as a makeup artist, it’s really important to know how to interpret this into a look the bride feels confident in.

I’ve seen many trends come and go. Some of most notable in recent years have been brides wanting runway-inspired colour-blocked eyes, the brief return of the 90s inspired mocha lipstick (very unflattering in photos) heavy, dark eyes and over large lashes not to mention bronzer overload.

Right now, and a lot of this is coming off the runway, social media and magazine editorial, but the big trend is simply, health.

Brides aren’t going for the super-dark spray tan anymore, we’re seeing a rise in women wanting to look like they are naturally glowing: the skin is dewy with peach, and apricot or rose blush (depending on the skin tone, of course) and the overall look is natural and clean and timeless.

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