Choosing A Foundation

Skin first, makeup second.

To ensure a fresh dewy complexion, it is crucial to maintain good skin hydration; your makeup application will always look 90% more radiant over a well-maintained skin.

By using a primer, this will also hydrate and prepare the skin for a flawless finish.

Wearing the correct foundation will create a smooth even complexion that looks healthy, natural and flawless. One that blends into the skin rather than disguising it.

Looking at the new generation of crafted foundations that are available in many textures to suit the most natural no makeup look to a full coverage to enhance uneven pigmented skin.

Best Tip:

Never make a tone decision in artificial light, this can be very deceptive, and the colour can look totally different in daylight.

Match to your jaw line by blending into the neck this will ensure you have not created a line of demarcation.

The Nearly Natural Sheer Look

The barely-there look requires a skilful light touch and a careful choice of foundation texture. The aim is to give the complexion a healthy glow by using a foundation to enhance the natural skin tone and to cover imperfections; when makeup is on it feels light and looks like skin. Atelier Paris Air brush fluid foundation can be applied by using a foundation brush, beauty blender, fingers or through an air gun. It’s sheer and long lasting.

Medium to full coverage long-lasting fluid foundation

A busy lifestyle gives this makeup foundation the most popular texture available; makeup lovers want a foundation that lasts through the day stays on into the night wears well through humid conditions offering medium to full coverage. This one looks undetectable yet covers redness and imperfections. Atelier Waterproof fluid foundation

Compact Powder Foundation

Compact Powder foundation is an all in one makeup application. This is easy to apply, dusted lightly with a brush, a light hand is required if a sheer coverage is required. The perfect choice for the on the go makeup lover. Atelier mineral foundation

Cream Stick Foundation

Fabulous moist cream texture, which is perfect for a drier skin to even skin tone creating a soft dewy complexion. Can also double as a corrector or a dewy highlighter. Atelier Corrector Stick is great for protecting the skin from dry and cold climates, pollution, and sun.

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