Brown Eyeshadows | MakeUp Tips

Winter brown eyeshadows add beautiful warmth to the face.

No makeup collection is complete without brown eyeshadows, needless to say always a standby favourite and a universal flattering look no matter your age.

Choose a pallet that provides a natural day look with matte hues into defining evening tones with variations of bronze shimmering copper hues to dark chocolate smouldering smoky eyes.

Atelier Paris collection of warm toned shadows come in pallets of 5 professional long-lasting eyeshadows with intense pigmented colours that give a smooth blend without falling and fading.

Best Tip:

Create the look by using a good quality blending brush working from the outside in, buffing and blending will soften the edges resulting in a professional finish. Try applying and contouring the eyes before applying your foundation. Experiment with tones of tint and shade working with your eye shape. Remember light tones will bring forward and dark will recede.

Your Eye Colour

Blue Eyes look amazing with warm earth tones creating a contrast making the eyes look bluer.

Green Eyes work well and stand out with the purple burgundy based browns.

Brown eyes can pop with grey brown tones bringing out the specks of colour with the iris.

However, makeup is a fashion accessory complementing your chosen signature style.

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