Bridal Beauty Hair & Makeup Tips

Its the biggest day of your life and your “centre stage.” There are full hearts, happy tears, big laughs and fleeting moments, your feeling so beautiful. Your dress is perfect and you feel amazing in it, you have nailed your style. Your relaxed and having the time of your life, you don’t want it to end.

Lets REWIND and REVISIT your beauty plan and faves.

Bridal Makeup

You’re thinking of a natural but glamorous bridal makeup that lasts all day and into the night. It’s summertime and you don’t wish to look sweaty and too bronzed. An Iridescent complexion is high on the list as you love a healthy glowing look. A little colour is what you normally wear thinking lips to be a soft beige pink with a lot of gloss. Eyes to be your focus, natural tones and you love eyelashes but not the fake type.

Bridal Hair

You love the trend of an unstructured soft style, not sure if you want it up or down, must have a loose braid and slight curl. Of course it needs to stay in place to the last dance.

The Plan

“Its all about the skin looking beautiful” Set your plan months in advance, have regular facials and keep up with daily skincare maintenance. This will ensure your complexion achieves the healthy radiant glow you love. Remember: A Beautiful skin requires minimal makeup. Eyebrows need to be groomed consult with an expert to find the correct shape. Thinking of a spray tan? Best advice is to have a practice run, exfoliating and moisturising e the body prior it the key to an even tan. Keep it natural and light!

The Makeup Trial

Have your wedding makeup trial in advance, research and find the look you love. Share your loves with your makeup artist so you’re on the same page and she understands the style and look your after. Share your dress design flowers and theme, talk about your likes and worries. Discuss the style of your bridesmaids. Above all: say what you like and dislike, be prepared to take advise. Tip: don’t allow the makeup artist to share any photos of your bridal look prior. Its a secret!

The Hair Trial

Have your hair and makeup trial at the same time, by seeing the big picture and how is will look gives you a understanding of your styling for the day.

Bring to the trial photos of the hair style you love and be sure to include any hair accessories eg) your veil. Have your hair in top condition this will ensure a beautiful result. If you can tint your hair to the tone you love, and your having for your wedding day.

Prep your hair prior, by washing the night before making it easy for the hairstylist to work and style. If using extensions buy good quality pieces which will give you a natural seamless effect.

On The Day

Don’t be last in line for hair and makeup, its amazing how relaxed you will be once your have this done. Any professional hair & makeup artist will always touch up just before you get into your wedding dress.

Best tip: On the day be sure to have on hand a touch up compact powder and lip colour check every 1 hour. Be ready in plenty of time never run late, usually 1 hour before the ceremony.
We recommend Atelier Professional Makeup a light long-lasting flawless makeup that resists perspiration and is waterproof.

Good news: you’re the happiest you have ever been, relaxed and little nervous but loving your day. Just put that dress on and now marry the man of your dreams.

At Making Faces we love creating beautiful hair and makeup our team have over 20yrs experience and feel its a privilege to be part of this special day.

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