Blush It! Blend It!

Blush can give a healthy glow, accentuate bone structure whilst adding colour and shape to the face.

Here are a few ideas to help you and stay on trend.

Whether the effect you’re looking for is a natural soft makeup, a day into evening occasion, a look that is simple quick for the working day, a sun kissed effect. Choosing the right cheek shade and formulation is first and foremost.

Best Advice:

Invest in good quality Brushes known as “tools of the trade.” You will only need the basics. Keep your brushes clean by washing in hot soap and water laying flat in sunlight to dry.

If you have a fair cool skin tone with a pink undertone, avoid a blush with a red or strong pink tone. Look for a honey beige, peach or a tawny shade. Recommended: Makeup Atelier Paris Powder Blush long lasting colour 10 tones.

If you have an olive warm skin look for blush tones with peach, rose brown or coral hues even a hint of sun kissed bronze can add vitality to the face.

Best Advice:

Be careful when selecting a strong bronze tone and keep the application well blended with a light touch.

Blush for the over 50s and fabulous

To look youthful, healthy and not overdone, keep your blush soft and minimal adding colour and freshness to your face.

Best Advice:

Keep away from shimmering products that will draw attention to smile lines. Over use of bronzers as a blush can give a harsh sun-baked effect whilst ageing the skin. A natural cream blush in a beige pink or peach tone will create a soft healthy dewy complexion. “Less is Best” Where you wear your blush today, may not be where you wore it years ago. Update and embrace the new you.

Powder Blush

The easiest and most popular choice. Apply with a good cheek blending brush, taking care not to overload the brush with product, a light-handed approach is important working from the apple of the cheek in a circular motion blending upwards towards your hair line

Best Advice:

By using a sweep of translucent powder over the blush will help soften the edges avoiding a harsh horizontal strip cross the face. Recommended: Makeup Atelier long cream blush for a natural healthy glowing complexion.

Cream Blush

Creates a dewy soft cheek effect and can be applied direct to the face, with a sponge or foundation brush, or blended with fingers. For a minimal natural look, mix with moisturiser or fluid iridescent primer.

Best Advice:

Take a light-handed approach, apply in good light, blend by using quality brushes.

For advice or to arrange a Personal One on One Makeup Lesson to find what suits and how to wear it, get in touch with Meryll at the Studio: 02 42322248